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Group Volunteering Projects

If you are looking for a community or service project for your group we have a number of projects available for 2023


Large projects needing lots of adult supervision or adult workforce.

Castle ring end fencing and conservation area:

Phase 1: Erect stock fencing and 3 layers of barbed wire around the area from the Castle ring gate to the exit track, including a gate.  Approx. 200m

Phase 2: install a number of bug hotels, bird boxes and signage

Phase 3: install stock fencing with 3 layers of barbed wire around the overflow car park next to the pedal kart track, including 2 vehicle gates and 2 pedestrian gates

Phase 4: install vehicle gate on the track


Fencing replacement

We have a number of areas where old fencing needs to be replaced. This involves removing the old fencing, installing new posts, stock fence and 3 layers of barbed wire. Tools and gloves supplied.  Ideal for Explorers, ranger guides, network and adult groups.

Major rhododendron clearance

Working alongside the Estate team your role will be to drag brash to the chipper and (adults) feed the chipper.   Our Estate team will chainsaw the Rhododendron out and supervise the chipper.

This is a really effective way for us to clear back rhododendron and large areas of clearance can be achieved.  All PPE supplied.  Ideal for Scouts, Explorers, Ranger Guides, Network and adult groups.

Tree planting

Following a detailed map plant saplings. Ideal for younger groups with supervision. Spades and trees and fencing supplied.

Building painting outsides

Apply wood preserve to the exterior of buildings in a neat fashion. Wood preserve, brushes and gloves supplied. Ideal for Explorers, Ranger Guides, Network and adult groups.

Fence and structure painting

Painting of wooden post and rail fence, campsite shelters and other structures.  Brushes, gloves and paint supplied. Please wear old clothes or overalls. Ideal for Explorers, Ranger Guides, Retwork and adult groups.

Multiple project days

We can offer (subject to availability of our staff)  a complete weekends service work with Rhododendron clearing, tree planting and fence painting projects with 3 groups of up to 15 people rotating around the projects Saturday morning, afternoon and Sunday morning. Ideal for Explorers, Ranger Guides, Network and adult groups.

Litter picking sessions

We can always offer 1 hour litter picking sessions. We have gloves, litter pickers and bin bags available. Ideal for all age ranges.

Outdoor Chapel Project

Wood chip the footpath, repair seats, repair cross, ideal for adult groups

Campfire Circle repair

Repair Fences, create new steps, clean seats Ideal for adult groups



Whilst their is no charge for any of the above projects, day, evening or camp fees are still applicable.  This continues to support the site costs including cleaning of toilets, insurance and general site upkeep, the costs for which are continually rising in the present economic climate.